Homework: The Three Chunk Rule

Homework is fundamental to the learning process in school. As your child advances into the upper grades, your child’s ability to master homework and study skills is critical to academic success. parentStrategy tips:

  1. Institute the 3 chunk rule – every night your child has 3 scheduled chunks of time (10 minutes to 30 minutes)to complete homework, read, or organize for the next school day.
  2. For the highly motivated student, the 3 chunk rule is rarely a battle but nonetheless teaches them how school work is the family’s high priority.
  3. For the unmotivated or disorganized student, the 3 chunk rule establishes a routine and a parent expectancy regarding school homework.
  4. Some children require your presence during these study times. Do not hover over your child’s work and do not do it for him or her. This is a time where you can do “your work” beside them and be available for questions and guidance.